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"losing you"

Video made for "Losing You" EP out on Roche Musique
EP released on April 2013.

Produce by Fatcat Films


Documentary. Titsanus is a musician and performer living in Brussels who hijacks, transforms and modifies objects and sounds. His filmed diary is a blend of notes, events and experiences. He's also talking about his life or at least the life that must have any pop star.

« I have some feedback in my head, my sound is like sentences which would have made a trip around the world through network data Internet.
I am a super hero. with electromagnetic sweater. “

TITsANUS from Audiovisual anarchy on Vimeo.


"Luke Larsener does the snow man" // video performance

Too much images and sound... You will disappear......

luke larsener does the snowman par jean_f

1_ choose an empty room.
2_ gather all the devices you can find that produce sound and image.
3_ connect all the guitar amp, bass, speakers.
4_ connect all cameras, video monitors, automatic switch.
5_ put a blue video zentai.
6_ connect the electricity.
7_ set at maximum level.
8_ put you in the center. Take the cameras in your hands.
9_ move and make music with the microphones of cameras.
10_ let the things go/


Monkey Party

Monkey_Party approaches DVD-video support not like a simple storage but like a creative technology.
This interactive and random generating video DVD is proposed by the projectsinge group.
Monkey_Party It’s an alternative audiovisual encounter between performances, video, experimental cinema and digital art.

edited by lowave